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ABSTRACT Medical diagnosis is one of the major problems in medical application. This includes the limitation of human expertise in diagnose disease manually. Researcher has found that Computer Base Lab Management System capabilities can help them to improve this domain. The goal of this research work is to evaluate Lab Management System in medical diagnosis. Classification is an important tool in medical diagnosis decision support. Feed-forward back propagation Lab Management System is used as a classifier to distinguish between infected or non-infected person in both cases. The results of applying the Lab Management System methodology to medical diagnosis based upon selected symptoms show abilities of the network to learn the patterns corresponding to symptoms of the person.

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study We are in the age where the advent of information technology has brought new approaches to data processing in all of human endeavor; many researchers found that Lab Management System can give many different answers in many different problem areas. The reason is that the field of Lab Management System is immensely diverse, drawing interest from and applications for, medicine, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, economics, and many other fields. Lab Management System are designed to simulate the behavior of biological Lab Management for several purposes. According to DKlerfors(1998), Lab Management System is a system loosely modeled on the human brain. The field goes by many names, such as connectionism, parallel distributed processing, neuro-computing, natural intelligent systems, machine learning algorithms, and artificial neural networks. It is an attempt to simulate within specialized hardware or sophisticated software, the multiple layers of simple processing elements called neurons. Each neuron is linked to certain of its neighbors with varying coefficients of connectivity that represent the strengths of these connections. Learning is accomplished by adjusting these strengths to cause the overall network to output appropriate results. Lab Management System, with remarkable ability to derive meaning from complicated or imprecise data, can be used to extract patterns and detect trends that are too complex to be noticed by either humans or other computer techniques. 1.2 Statement of the Problem This project work is focused on the Computer Base Laboratory Management System (CBLMS) General Hospital Ughelli. During the course of analysis, some problems were highlighted they include i. Unconscious omission of patient name relevant or important information ii. Duplication of records leading to redundancy. iii. Manual system is time consuming and it involves too much labour before the record list is finally documented. iv. Loss of compiled forms due to mishandling in the cause of record transfer. 1.3 Aims And Objectives Of The Study This research work is aimed at describing and implementing a model or a system for medical diagnosis using Lab Management System technology. The objectives of the system is stated as follow 1. To design a computerized system that one can used to diagnosis patient using Lab Management System 2. To improve on the ways medical expert diagnosis patient 3. To provide a means where new discover disease can be efficiently diagnosis. 4. To provide an efficient way of diagnosis patient brought to our hospital. 1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study The scope of the research is that, the system includes the patient section, administrative section, the administrative section uses the system to upload their information, uses their username and password to sign-in into the system, the administrative uses the system to diagnosis patient in the hospital and it covers the various ways whereby the system learn by examples and storing diagnosis result in the database, which will be used in future to diagnosis and provide result of similar situation. The Limitation Of This Project Are? The System is to limited to regularly diagnosed medical sickness and it will take time before it can diagnosis a new disease, since the information of such disease might not be present at the time of this research. Other Limitations include Time: there was no time to carry out this project work to the fullest as I was combining my academic work on campus with the Software development and also my write up. Lack of internet facilities: because there was absence of the internet, sourcing for information from the internet took a lot of money. 1.5 Significant Of the Study This research work discussed how lab management system approach can diagnose disease using patient medical data such as breast cancer, heart failure, medical images, acidosis diseases, and lung cancer 1.6 Research Methodology The work involved in this project is the development of Computer Base Laboratory Management System (CBLMS) General Hospital Ughelli Delta State. The Methodology is based in the six phases of system Analysis and Design. i. Feasibility Study: This was conducted to determine the organizations objectives, the nature and scope of the problem. ii. System Analysis: In this phase, the entire requirement for designing the system is identified and analyzed and the tool used for analysis DFD (Data Flow Diagram) iii. System Design: This includes all the dramatic representation made to logical portray input, output design requirement of the Computer Base Laboratory Management System (CBLMS) iv. System Development: The coding, testing and debugging of the program was done in this phase using Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic.Net programming language and Microsoft Access 2007. v. System Implementation: This phase involved adapting old system to the new system with (Parallel conversion). vi. System Maintenance: This stage ensures the well being of the system. This phase necessary because an organization using a system will expand and the system will need to reflect the changes and vice versa..

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