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    » ABSTRACT This study assessed healthcare delivery of Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Kogi East. The scheme which took off in 2005 was established to reduce government’s healthcare financing burden and create access to affordable and efficient healthcare for all Nigerians. Evidences on ground however show that access is limited, accredited Healthcare Providers (HCP)s operate under conditions of dilapidated buildings, obsolete equipment, unhygienic hospital environments, long wait lines and staff apathy.Healthcare outcome is in doubt because of paucity of experiencedmedical personnel, leading to massive use of N.Y.S.C doctors. This scenario, could hamper the achievement of NHIS promise of EASY ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL NIGERIANS?Under these circumstances, what is the enrollee perception of the programme in Kogi East? This study assessedrespondents’ awareness and perception of the Scheme in Kogi East.A structured questionnaire with a Cronbach alpha coefficient of .938 (94%) reliability was administered on 379 enrollees in the area. Study hypotheses were tested with the one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and the one-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests (K-S). The results showed significant awareness of NHIS objectives amongst enrollees in Kogi East, (Fc=383.577>Ft=2.9957), enrollee access in Kogi East (Zc=4.09>Zt=1.96). It also indicated significant reduction in healthcare financing burden, (Zc=8.921>Zt1.96) and positive perception of NHIS healthcare delivery efficiency. (Fc=41.084>Ft=2.9957). Respondents were also satisfied with NHIS healthcare (Zc=4.198>Zt=1.96) and preferred the healthcare services than the cash-and-carry regime.in the area, (Zc=5.865>Zt=1.96). The study recommends regular healthcare seminars, workshops and conferences and proactive inspection of accredited HCPs. Abolition of the 10% of cost of drugs paid by enrollees each time they visited the HCPs to reduce the mortality index in the area and accreditation of more HCPs are equally recommended. Ambulance/transport services for emergencies and higher standard of practice should be established in the area. Recommendations for further researches were appropriately made. ...Continue Reading »

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