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    » ABSTRACT Banks being a financial institution is engaged in the acceptance of deposit of money , overdraft and other transactions such as the discount of bills, foreigh exchange. Loans being one of the transaction being done in the bank are a type of debt like all debt instruments, A loan entails the redistribution of financial assets overtime, between the lender and the borrower. The aim of this research work is to design and implementation of loan processing management system for Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc Warri that will help borrower take loan ,and the lender and borrower can update their payment details to enable then be on the page at all time. The Objective of this research work are stated as followed: To provide a platform that will help enable the credit officer grant loan effectively, To develop a system that will keep proper tracks of records of borrowing date and last payment and a system that will calculate and generate monthly interest rate. And for this project work to be achieved, The Rapid Application Development (RAD) method was employed and also the ASP.net, database SQL server 2008 and VB.net programming language....Continue Reading »

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    » ABSTRACT Medical diagnosis is one of the major problems in medical application. This includes the limitation of human expertise in diagnose disease manually. Researcher has found that Computer Base Lab Management System capabilities can help them to improve this domain. The goal of this research work is to evaluate Lab Management System in medical diagnosis. Classification is an important tool in medical diagnosis decision support. Feed-forward back propagation Lab Management System is used as a classifier to distinguish between infected or non-infected person in both cases. The results of applying the Lab Management System methodology to medical diagnosis based upon selected symptoms show abilities of the network to learn the patterns corresponding to symptoms of the person. ...Continue Reading »

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  • Design and implementation of Secured Chat Forum System Using SMS Token

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    » ABSTRACT Forgery has long crept into our educational system and, counterfeit and forged certificate and document have upper hand in various certificate and degrees awarding institution. Invalid studentship has become greater than valid studentship. The need for student verification system has become necessary to check mate and expunge invalid studentship, invalid document and invalid certificate yielding to authenticity of certificate and documents. This research work DESIGNED AND IMPLEMENTED STUDENT VERIFCATION SYSTEM FOR DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY (DELSU E-VERIFY). The proposed model is concerned with monitoring the studentship of students, keeping students basic academic record, tracking students if there is malpractice of any kind and, verifying every certificate of Delta State University in the future....Continue Reading »

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  • Design and implementation of Educational system

    » ABSTRACT The tremendous impact of electronic technology (like computer and computer embedded devices, computer networking, artificial intelligence, multimedia among others) on the human psychological capabilities productivity, intellectuality and other human related activities are very obvious. The quest and virtual implementation of computer in all the fields of human endeavor increases with its inevitable impact, these impacts are on its increase due to the need for high quality and timely response. Therefore, this project titled, Design and implementation of educational system platforms, is aimed at exploring and incorporating some of these sophisticated technologies for the development of educational system for schools. This work examines and explains the step-by-step procedure for accomplishing the development of the proposed system, the attainment of the goals and necessary requirement for their implementation. It considers and discusses the impact of the proposed products on the targeted end-users. This project is implemented using Html, Php and MySQL Server for the online educational platform, and an e-book....Continue Reading »

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    » ABSTRACT This project describes the Design and Implementation of Students Result Management System. The end-of-course grades assigned by lecturers are intended to convey the level of achievement of each student in the class These grades are used to make a multitude of decisions Unless a sufficiently, accurate and efficient method is used for the grading, the grades are to convey misinformation and they lead the decision-maker astray In itself, the processing of results is found to be rather tedious, especially when earned out manually, and when die number of students is large It is time-consuming and error prone The process, however, becomes a lot easier and much more accurate when carried out with a computer running a suitable software application. To find a sufficiently fast and accurate method of carrying out this processing is a problem that is both challenging and interesting. In this work, a computer software application was developed to facilitate the automated processing of results The software of this was developed in Visual Basic Net Programming Language and Microsoft Access as the Database The developed software performed well and produced expected results on completion With ft, it was possible to compute Grade Point Average and Cumulative Grade Point Average for each student based on examination scores entered The methodology adopted in this protect is Structural System .Analysts and Design Methodology (SSADM)...Continue Reading »

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  • Design and Implementation of Web-Based Law Firm Management System

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    » ABSTRACT Course Registration and Result processing system form the key activities in the life span of a student. The demand for effective and efficient result computation and output lead to the production of the automated result process. The digitalized process provides the capabilities of centralized repository for storage, management and dissemination of result information to those concerned. A study into the manual process reveals the inefficiencies and the rigorous nature of course registration and result processing, therefore the existing manual process was analyzed and converted into an automated system. The manual activities was modeled with an object-oriented methodology and the system was implemented with PHP(hypertext processor), a scripting language and MYSQL database management systems. It provides a robust database that generates various reports that is relevant to the department. The result of this research work is a system that automates the course registration and examination result processing for the Department of Computer Science, which can be used in any department of most Polytechnics in Nigeria....Continue Reading »

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    » ABSTRACT Attendance is very important in every student. a single absent make a big difference in performance in the school. Most students of high school are prone to absence from classes claiming that the class is boring. Others due to laziness fail to attend classes, having preference of going to computer shops or playing games while some students cannot refuse the prospect of a friend asking them out during class period. Some of these actions are not reported to parents or guardians because the possible way of informing them is the traditional way which is by inviting the parents over through the students. With this, the authority would communicate the parents on the attendance level of the student. This process takes a long time and sometimes parents are not able to come because of their engagements, occupation or location. These are the reasons why parents/guardians are not informed about the absenteeism of the students. Online Barcode Attendance System is a software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class. The information is sorted by the operators, which will be provided by the lecturer for a particular class. This system will help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student, and also help in parent involvement to the attendance performance of the student. The Online Barcode Attendance System is developed using HTML, CSC, BOOTSTRAP, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP. It fully meets the objectives of the system which it has been developed....Continue Reading »

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  • Design and Implementation of an Automated Computer-based Household Inventory System

    » ABSTRACT In Nigeria today, it is a well-known fact that mathematics is one of the subject that students find difficult to understand and pass for one reason or the other. The reason why students have this kind of problem very possible due to lack of good teachers and teaching, time of lecture and orientation. Some teachers might be good mathematician but might not know how to impact the knowledge on the students. Orientation is another thing that makes mathematics hard for students. When the students are made to believe that mathematics is difficult that is how they take it. Students need to be made to know that mathematics is one subject that we must practice because practice makes perfect. Although, there are also good teachers and some students are simply lazy. There is a need for a computer software that can help out in some of the work, making the students to understand. As long as the students are given values to work with, showing the working, solution to the problem and is playing the result which helps, the students to understand mathematics if not for anything but because its a computer. ORGANIZATION OF WORK This project titled and implementation of computerized mathematics teacher a case study of Algebra. The project is organized into seven chapters. Chapter one consists of the introduction to the topic, statement of problem, purpose of study, aims and objectives, delimitations, assumptions and definition of terms. Chapter two is about the review of literature. Chapter three describes the analysis of the existing system which consists of the fact finding, method used, organizational structure, objectives of the existing system, problems of the existing system. Chapter four is the design of the new system which of output and input specification and design, system requirement, procedure and system flowchart. Chapter five is all about the implementation of the program which contains the program design, program flow chart, pseudo code and source program. Chapter six is about the documentation and seven recommends and concludes the whole project. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Abstract Organization of the work Table of Figure Table of Contents CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Statement of Problem 1.3 Purpose of Study 1.4 Aims and Objective 1.5 Scope of Delimitation 1.6 Limitation or Constraints 1.7 Assumptions 1.8 Definition of Terms CHAPTER TWO 2.0 Literature CHAPTER THREE 3.0 Description and Analysis of the Existing System 3.1 Fact Finding Methods Used 3.2 Organizational Structure 3.3 Objectives of the Existing System 3.4 Input Process, Output Analysis 3.5 Information Flow Diagram 3.6 Problems of the Existing System 3.7 Justification for the New System CHAPTER FOUR 4.0 Design of the New System 4.1 Output Specification and Design 4.2 Input Specifications and Design 4.3 File Design 4.4 Procedure Chart 4.5 System Flowchart 4.6 System Requirement CHAPTER FIVE 5.0 Implementation 5.1 Program Design 5.2 Pseudo code 5.3 Program Flowchart 5.4 Source Program 5.5 Test Run CHAPTER SIX 6.0 Documentation CHAPTER SEVEN 7.0 Recommendation and Conclusion Appendices References...Continue Reading »

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