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    » ABSTRACT The study examined the existing and needed linkages between public agricultural extension services and private agricultural support agencies in Abia State, Nigeria The population for the study is miide up of all the staff of the State Agricultural Development Programme(ADP) and Private Agricultural Support Agencies (PASA) existing in the State (made up of Livestock feeds agencies, Agro-chemicals Agricultural equipment agencies, Veterinary drugs and services agencies and Seeds agencies). However, a total of twenty-one ADP Staff and forty-eight PASA stall constituted the sample size for the study. Two sets of structured questionnaire were used for data collection. The data obtained were analysed usin9, frequency counts, percent. ges and mean scores. The major research findings indicated that ADP staff and PASA sta4 were favourably disposed to having linkages with each other. The study further rev■-,,,led that agro-chemicals and fertilizers, livestock feeds and materials, veterinary drags and services and agricultural equipment were the major areas of linkage existing between ADP and PASA. Also, the following types of linkage were existing between ADP and PASA: Clients referrals, record keeping, information sharing and joint use of clients. ...Continue Reading »

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